Dear Supporters, Members & Subscribers,

Citizen Outreach is celebrating our 25th anniversary of irritating liberals and RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) by fighting for limited government, lower taxes, free markets, truth, justice and the American way.

And as a YUGE part of our success, YOU’RE invited to join us for a YUGE 2-day “party” with fellow Nevada conservatives and over a dozen conservative leaders and conservative celebrity speakers to mark this special occasion…

Please Join Us at the 2017 Conservative Leadership Conference!

September 15-16, 2017
Tropicana Resort & Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada

This year’s theme…


Among your scheduled and confirmed speakers, we have some things old and some things new.  We have beauty and we have beasts.  We have Nevadans and we have non-Nevadans – including some conservative denizens from The Swamp itself!

We have men.  We have women.  We have black.  We have white.  And everything in between.  Including a Native-American.

Not a fake Native-American like Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren.  A real, genuine, bona fide Native-American princess with a singing voice that’ll knock your socks off!

You can get all the details and complete speaker list by clicking here, but a couple of quick notes…

1.)  There will NOT be a YUGE crowd…and that’s a good thing for you.  We’re keeping this little family reunion small so everyone has as many opportunities as possible to mix and mingle with our special guests and speakers.

Seating is STRICTLY LIMITED, so don’t procrastinate in registering – or you risk be locked out once the event is sold out!

2.)  Because I know many people like to come to these events with a friend or family member – and because I want to give you folks who have supported Citizen Outreach over the years a little something back – we’re offering and you’re entitled to a very special 2-for-1 Early Bird Special – including a drastically REDUCED ticket price.

But you have to register before the deadline or before the event is sold out – whichever comes first!

3.)  Yes, you can get an Elite VIP Upgrade.  And yes, the limited 2-for-1 Early Bird Special applies to these tickets, as well.  However, there are only 50 Elite VIP passes available.

Again, if these special passes are something you’re interested in, don’t risk being shut out because they’re sold out.

In fact, there are only 48 left…as our friends Ed Reott and Marcy Underdahl of Utah found the website and registration page yesterday before this formal announcement and already bought a pair of the VIP Elite tickets.

So I expect these limited, super-special passes to sell out quickly.

And by the way…

1.)  There are two BONUS events that come with your ticket that you will NOT want to miss, and…

2.)  Unlike any other conference of this type that I know of, you get a “100% Ironclad Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee” if you think the 2017 Conservative Leadership Conference didn’t live up to your expectations and was a waste of your time (see website for details).

So don’t delay.   Register TODAY!

Chuck Muth
President, Chief Cook & Bottle Washer
Certified Swamp Drainer
Nevada’s #1 Irritator of Liberals & RINOs

P.S.  As a subscriber to Muth’s Truths and Nevada News & Views, you’re getting first crack at this special 2-for-1 ticket offer.

If we still have any seats left next week, we’ll start advertising to the general public through Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

P.P. S.  One final note: Every time I do one of these events, I get a smattering of people who expect to be “comped” despite the fact that it costs a ton of money to put on these great conferences and bring in such a “who’s who” roster of speakers.

So to cut those folks off at the pass, please know that I’ve actually purchased my OWN tickets for me and Gia.

In other words, if I pay…everybody pays.  Unless you barter a ticket in return for helping us as a volunteer.  Otherwise, no moochers!

Click here for more info and to register BEFORE we sell out!