This just keeps getting better and better!

First, we were able to persuade singer/songwriter Joy Villa to join us at the Conservative Leadership Conference in Las Vegas next month.  Then Joy was able to get her friend and fellow musician Kaya Jones to join us.  And now they’ve coaxed Antonia Okafor to join them and make it a millennial “Triple Threat”!

Joy, as you may recall, shocked liberal Hollywood back in March by showing up at the Grammy Awards decked out in that drop-dead gorgeous “Make America Great Again” gown…

Since then, she’s lost some friends in the entertainment biz who just can’t get over her support for President Donald Trump.  The daughter of bi-racial parents, Joy’s been called a “sell-out” and a “coon” and has even received death threats.

But she’s gained a TON of new friends in conservative circles.

On July 4th, Joy released a new song, “Make America Great Again!”  Since then, she’s been a guest of Ivanka Trump at the White House, has been burning up social media, and is now a regular guest on all manner of cable TV and radio programs.

Kaya was also a Trump supporter, but explained in interviews that she sorta “stayed in the closet” about it – until Joy stepped up and out of the shadows.  Next thing ya know, Kaya’s proudly sporting a Make America Great Again t-shirt!

Now she’s a full-throated Trump supporter as well, and is just crushing liberal yahoos on social media, radio and television with her own brand of humor and sarcasm.

Oh, and by the way – – earlier this year Kaya recorded an acapella version of the Star Spangled Banner – you know, the National Anthem that bozos like Colin Kaepernick and Marshawn Lynch refuse to stand for before NFL games – and is donating 100% of the proceeds to military veterans.

Antonia is “Black, Armed and Conservative.”

As you can see, she’s a YUGE supporter of the Second Amendment and writes that “Real Feminism is about empowerment and taking our safety in our own hands.”  You should also check out her NRA video on her website.  Powerful!

Antonia spoke earlier this year at CPAC and the NRA convention and is also now in high demand on cable and radio television programs.

I almost hate to refer to these young conservative ladies as “rising stars” because I think they’re already there!

And I couldn’t be more excited that all three will be with us at the 2017 Conservative Leadership Conference at the Tropicana Resort in Las Vegas on September 15-16th as we celebrate DRAINING THE SWAMP.

Last Call:  This week is the last chance you’ll have to get your CLC tickets at the 2-for-1 Early Bird special discounted prices.  So don’t WAIT!  Register now…before it’s too late.  I really think CLC ’17 could be sold out by the end of this week.


Chuck Muth, President
Citizen Outreach
Nevada’s #1 Irritator of Liberals & RINOs

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