I couldn’t be more excited to announce this afternoon that Sheriff Joe Arpaio, America’s Toughest Sheriff and longtime friend of Citizen Outreach, will be delivering the keynote address at the Conservative Awards Dinner at the 2017 Conservative Leadership Conference on Saturday, September 16, 2017.

The former Maricopa County (AZ) sheriff will also be honored and recognized at the dinner with Citizen Outreach’s “Courage Under Fire Award.”

As I’m sure you’re aware, President Donald Trump issued a much-deserved presidential pardon to Sheriff Joe last weekend, ending the Obama-initiated political witch hunt of this dedicated law enforcement officer for simply doing his job and protecting American citizens.

“Sheriff Joe Arpaio is now eighty-five years old,” President Trump said in a statement last Friday, “and after more than fifty years of admirable service to our Nation, he is a worthy candidate for a Presidential pardon.”

The alt-left, of course, came unglued and had a veritable collective conniption!

“By pardoning Sheriff Arpaio,” tweeted Sen. “Crazy” Bernie Sanders, “Trump has again made clear he will use the powers of the presidency to defend racism and discrimination.”

“I’m not surprised Trump pardoned racial profiler Arpaio,” chimed in Rep. Maxine “Mad Max” Waters. “White Nationalists, KKK, & Duke celebrated Trump’s election b/c he is one of them!”

Ah, yes.  Playing the ol’ “race card.”  Never gets old, does it liberals?

Sheriff Joe has spoken at two previous CLC’s.  Here’s a shot from his last visit back in 2011 in which people lined up down the hall to get an autographed pair of the infamous “pink boxers” he once made prisoners wear while lounging in their prison tents…

Sheriff Joe also joined us for a very lively appearance at one of our First Friday Happy Hours in 2010 at which a couple hundred protestors showed up to call him a “racist” and a “Nazi.”

Yep, never gets old.

Undeterred, Sheriff Joe insisted on visiting with the protestors on the picket line to open a dialogue.  But the early version of the alt-left wouldn’t have any of it.  Instead, they insisted on shouting him down with a bullhorn.

They are SO open-minded, aren’t they?

Here’s a cool photo of the dust-storm.  After 50 years of Sheriff Joe having our backs as a lawman, I was more than happy to have his on this one occasion!

Never known to sugar-coat it or dance around the bush, I expect we’re gonna get another fun-filled barn-burner of a speech from Sheriff Joe at the CLC ’17 Awards Dinner!

A limited number of tickets are still available.  Grab yours now before we sell out.

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Chuck Muth
CLC ’17 Host
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